Gnocchi stuffed with Asiago fondue

Gnocchi stuffed with Asiago fondue


  • 100 g Asiago Fresco PDO
  • 200 g potatoes
  • 20 g eggs
  • a bit of flour
  • a little bit of fresh milk
  • Asiago Stagionato PDO cheese grated to taste
  • extra virgin olive oil, salt to taste
Heart and cheese


Boil the broccoli and the peeled potatoes in a pressure cooker. Take these, mash them and mix them together with the egg, flour and salt. When it turns into a dough, knead by hand on a surface sprinkled with a handful of flour and make rolls that you will cut into 2 cm pieces. Melt Asiago Fresco PDO with milk and Asiago Stravecchio PDO cheese in a saucepan on a slow flame. Throw the gnocchi in abundant boiling water and remove them as soon as they rise to the surface. Serve the Asiago sauce together with the broccoli heated in a water bath and use the same water to cook the gnocchi.